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The Fotogram (Paer) Photo Prize 2014

Paer-foto-prijs-2014-aYet another photography competition. Great! Because good photography competitions inspire many photographers. This year two teachers at Fotogram have organized this competition for their students.









werken-bij-Fotogram-01The great thing about working at Fotogram is the surprising and unexpected. Each course begins with a chance collection of people with one thing in common: a passion for photography. No year is ever the same. We place an emphasis on the individual story of a photo, sorting until the essence is uncovered. What do you want to tell and how? We cover the concepts of imagery, emotion and vision.






Beauty of movement in photography

Schoonheid-van-beweging-01The beauty of movement in photography: this debate stems from the early days of photography. May we, makers of images, desire more than merely the reflection of reality? May we also paint with color and texture? May we also show blur? Yes! Ariane James, teacher at Fotogram, tells about the history of movement in photography and about the photos made during her practically oriented workshops.







The practical program: technique and content

Het-praktijktraject-techniek-en-inhoud01“The thing I still find the best about the practical program at Fotogram is that you research technique and imagery together. Technique and content are not nearly as far apart as you might think”.












Art Photography

KunstfotografieArt has played an important role in human life since the dawn of time. Photography has only existed for 175 years. Even so, photography has already seen various movements. This is a short summary by Ariane James, who takes you on a whirlwind tour through the history of photography. We examine how photography, art and even technical possibilities (and limitations) have influenced each other and together have shaped the course of this medium.







The Strad: Patriotic Fervour

The-Strad-1For an article in the international music journal ‘The Strad’ Ariane James made photographs of valuable musical instruments with much care and attention.












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