Lectures and workshops

I give many lectures on a wide range of subjects. The topic is chosen in consultation with the group that invites me. Below you will find short examples of these kinds of lectures.

Examples of topics:

Vantage Point.  About the role and great influence of a carefully chosen vantage point, with examples of many famous photographers.

Photography and Art.  About the ways in which architecture, fashion, design, painting, sculpture and photography intersect with each other.  About trends, about the evolution of photography over the past 180 years to the reporting medium and art form it is now.

Pinhole Photography.  About the picturesque world of pinhole and zoneplate photography.  About the special area between image and imagination.

Color.  How do you purposefully compose with color?  Painters choose the color in a painting.  Can a photographer do the same if he/she learns to work with color more consciously?  About the different color contrasts of Itten, and there are even more.  About the first photographic color techniques, the struggle to display color in the beginning of photography and the beautiful results of those old photographic processes.

Movement in Photography.  About what used to be an imperfection, and now sometimes adds value, the role of blurred movement and the strange world of the frozen image with very short shutter times.  About the then and now in photography with this perspective in mind.


Example of lectures

In March 2012 I gave a couple of lectures for the committee day of the photography associations. The theme was Photography and Art:

In the early days of photography the technical challenges were so great that you could be happy if you just got a reasonable picture. But as soon as the first obstacles were overcome you see already in architectural photography, for example, that everyone begins to speak their own visual ‘language’. Photography takes over all kinds of tasks that were previously done by painters and sketch artists. Portraits, cityscapes, war photography. This prompted strong reactions. Paul Delaroche, a painter, cried upon seeing a daguerrotype “from today, painting is dead!” The interaction between the apparent objectivity of a photo and the subjective reality imposed by the photographer remains a palpable tension. Think of documentary photography. On this particular occasion I wanted to talk about tension, the interaction. About photography then and now, over truth and deception, over reality and beauty. Over reality and dream.

A lecture is usually accompanied by a Power Point presentation. For this site the presentations have been saved as PDF.

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