Ariane gives presentations (also in English) on a wide range of subjects. The topic is chosen in collaboration with the group requesting a lecture. The presentation consists of an extensive slide-show accompanied by an inspiring lecture that explores various aspects in imagery of the chosen theme.

A small photographic assignment can also be given in advance (on request), the submitted photo work will then be discussed in the second half of the presentation.

Below are a few examples of frequently requested topics

POINT OF VIEW About the role of a carefully chosen point of view, and its enormous influence, with accompanying images from many famous photographers.

PHOTOGRAPHY OF ART About movements in the field of architecture, fashion, design, painting, sculpture and photography. About photography over the course of the last 180 years from the early developments to the role it has today.

PINHOLE PHOTOGRAPHY About the picturesque world of pinhole and zoneplate photography. About the magic between image and imagination.

COLOR How do you consciously compose with color? Painters can choose the color in an image. Can’t a photographer also do that if he/she learns to deal with it? About the different color contrasts, the first photographic color processes, the early struggle to reproduce color and about the wonderful results of those old photographic processes.

MOVEMENT IN PHOTOGRAPHY On the role of shutter speeds. It used to be an imperfection, and now it sometimes has added value: motion blur. The frozen image with very short times also creates a wonderful world. About historic images and about contemporary photography with this perspective in mind.

INFRARED PHOTOGRAPHY On the poetry of the language of infrared. How do you make an infrared photo? What does this technique add to your imagery?


Soon I will be giving new lectures and workshops. Interested? Email or call me…